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From the design of the supply chain ...

to planning and starting operations

Enterprise Architecture

Business Domain

Business Domain


A. Vision Architecture

B. Business Architecture

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Infrastructure domain

Infrastructure domain

C. Architecture Inf. System

D. Architecture Technology

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Domain Data Information

Domain Data Information

C. System Inf. Architecture

D. Technology Architecture

E. Opportunities and Solutions

F. Planning Migration

G. Implementation Governance

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Solutions Focused on the Retail Industry

Solutions Focused on the Retail Industry

Digital Strategy Execution 
Digital Commerce 
Business Analytics 
Channel Strategy 
Consumer Understanding 

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  • TM Forum Frameworxs
  • ARTS
  • SCOR
  • APQC
  • LEAN
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Focused solutions
to the Retail industry

Business Certification Audits and Preparation

Preparation for compliance with security requirements applying best practices for storage systems and review of transport requirements.


ISO 28000
ISO 28000 Specification for security management systems for the supply chain.

ISO 38500
ISO / IEC 38500 is an international standard for IT Governance. It provides a framework for governing IT within organizations, providing a set of principles that are of interest to senior management in the processes of evaluation, management and monitoring of the use of information technology (IT).

IATF 16949:2016
IATF 16949: 2016 is the specific Quality Management Systems (QMS) standard for the automotive industry, based on the international standard of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001.

ISO 9001:2015
Evaluation and preparation for certifications, D6 planning, 7 support, 8 operation, 9 performance evaluation.

ISO 18404 Lean & Six Sigma
Lean manufacturing, value stream maps, TPM assessment, standard work, OJT, Kaizen Event.

Safe warehouse store and distribute supplies and medicines for health, sanitary conditions must comply with current regulations.

ISO 31000:2018
Assessment, preparation for certification, risk management and dynamic cyber security tests. Ethical Hacking

Integrated consulting services
from strategy to results management

Information processes
  • Data Flow
  • Value Stream Map 
  • Implementation ERP, WMS
  • Implementation Fleet Controls TMS
  • Inventory Control
Material processes and flows
  • Information Flows
  • Optimization Materials
  • Flow Optimal degree of Automation
  • Design and Implementation of Warehouses and CEDIS
  • Specifications, Tenders and Contracting of Equipment
  • Civil Works Requirements
Infrastructure definition
  • Lighting
  • Electrical Substation
  • Fire Fighting Systems
  • Calculation of Metallic Structures
  • Calculation of Air Conditioning
  • WIFI Access Point / CCTV
  • Mechanical Review of Soils
Supply chain structure
  • Network Design Distribution
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Logistics Out-outsourcing
  • Selection of a 3PL
  • Management, Demand and Inventories
  • Transport Optimization
  • Balanced Scorecard / KPI

Computer system


Customer Administration


Administration Planning of Resources


Supply chain


Human Resources Administrator


Financial Resources Administration

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